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Irina and Mark

Irina and MarkLife is unpredictable sometimes. You never know what it has in store for you.  When I joined this site I was not sure if I could find my soul-mate on it. I had so many disappointments and could not believe that destiny would give me the chance to experience what real and pure feelings are.

This site was a real discovery for me. Men on this site are open and direct. And it occurred so that my soul-mate was the member of this site.  We met each other and understood that it was the love at first site. Mark submitted me with his intelligence, quick mind, open and kind heart. We communicated much. The crucial point came to our life. We felt that we needed to meet each other in person. I invited Mark to come to me to Lugansk. He came!!! I got the chance to stare at his sincere and charming eyes and felt the warmness of his hand in mine. We spent a good time together. The word “good” is not enough to describe how much we enjoyed our being together! Mark explored the city of Lugansk together with me. He met my way of life, he tasted national Ukrainian cuisine and he got to know what Ukrainian mentality was. We were happy together like children. We experienced many things together. We went to the skating-rink and we dined out. We walked along the streets of the city and enjoyed the scenery. But the main thing was not what it was around us but what it was inside of us. And a burning flame was in our hearts. And it became larger with each day of our being together. Now I know how it is to be happy beside a beloved man.

Mark had to return home but he plans to come to me again very soon. This is only our beginning, the beginning of our future together. I have already found my soul-mate. I believe that soon we shall be together for ever.

Irina [ID: 67822]
Ukraine, Lugansk

Mark [ID: 8058]
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain