Love stories

Gerry and Lena

Dear OriginClub,

I  met a lot of wonderful ladies with your service. And  wish all who are searching for there true love all the good luck and best wishes from the bottom of my heart and Lena’s heart. Lena is a very beautiful Ukrainian lady I  met 5 months ago from her first introductory letter to me, I  felt instantly and knew she was the one and only, we have now see each other 3 times and this weekend I  proposed to her and she accepted.

Yes ladies have faith and have a lot of quick correspondence between letters, this makes the man more impressive to you and gives instant respect. Lena and I  corresponded 2 times a day she always had a letter to wake up to and one she came home to. Yes  love comes in all forms ,weather by meeting in person, phone calls and letters it is all love you will know it and feel it.

Yes, my dears Lena and myself wish you well and all the best in your search for your love he is out there and he will let you know.

With  best regards .
Gerry and Lena