Love stories

John and Valentina

John and ValentinaMy name is John Warren and I am in Vladivostok on a visit to meet a person I have been corresponding with through the Internet. I have had a very great deal of help from OriginClub with being shown how to withdraw money from bank and countless help with finding my luggage that had been left off the plane from Moscow to Vladivostok, for all the help I have had from the agency I can not repay but say a very profound thank you to all the staff at the agency. Without the agency’s help in countless ways my stay In Vladivostok would not have been so enjoyable and the lady that I have met through the agency is a very charming and gracious lady.  And I can without hesitation highly recommend the agency and its services for any perspective future clients. The agency and its staff have been outstandingly helpful in resolving all potential difficulties that have arisen because of different cultural traditions for which I will be eternally very grateful.

John Warren