Love stories

Svetlana and Mr. Tsunoda

Svetlana and Mr. TsunodaI am sincerely grateful to Originclub for helping me and my son to meet mister Tsunoda, the best man on Earth. We felt attracted to each other at the first meeting. Mister Tsunoda easily found a way with my son. Destiny gave me a chance to be happy again. Now I am a wife of the Japanese man, and we understand each other perfectly. My husband speaks English and learns Russian. I speak some English, and I learnt Japanese. My husband is very caring and tender to me and my son. He loves children very much.

Japan is a country with strong family values. It is the place where you can feel yourself a real woman. I feel so safe here, and I can let myself be weak sometimes. The traditions of our countries are very similar, though many people nowadays talk about Japanese mentality.

Dear women, if you want to be treated like real ladies, Japan is your country!
Thank you for everything you did for me and for Takahiko!

Best regards,