Love stories

Donald and Irina

Donald and IrinaDear OriginClub team, thank you very much! This site made me the happiest woman! I would have never believed that I could be so happy as I am right now. I met a man of my dreams, and I am sure, we will be together forever! Please, believe in love and you will find your True Love!

Our first and second meetings were in Odessa. Though I am originally from the city of Vladivostok. I went to Odessa to meet my Donald. We spent a wonderful time together, walking, talking about everything. We are both mature and we have understood from the first sight that we are made for each

After a time I got a fiancee visa and went to the USA. We got married in 2010. Now we are very happy. And we would like to thank you, OriginClub.

Without you this would have never worked.

Irina and Donald