Love stories

Nathan and Varya

Nathan and VaryaWhat can I tell you but  Fate has played its part. I’m a God believing man and thought that He would bring someone to me to marry. What took me a long time to understand was that He had already given me the tools to find my wife to be. I thought at first that by searching through the Internet for my life partner was taking things out of God’s hands, but I have learned that to be wrong. Many Americans believe that they must find their soul mate to marry. I always thought such things were for the movie screen, and given time any one could become your soul mate. However, in short time I have discovered  that anyone could be my soul mate, that it has to be Varya. Never have I ever met one more perfect for me than her. I just pray that I can be the same to her. All I can do is love her above myself, and place her before of my own desires. I have a lot of love to offer, and now someone to give it to. I will love Varya like no other till the end of my days, and the six months wit before it can start is a small price to pay. I pledge my life and love to her as her future husband.

Nathan Payne
Reno, Nevada
October 10, 2002