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I just want to make a comment about the ladies that seek a relationship with a foreign man. Gentlemen you need to remember that these ladies give up everything when they come to join you in your country. They give up family, friends, most of their personal belongings, job, school etc. These ladies travel a long way from their homes to be with you in yours. They put a huge amount of trust in the man that everything will be good, not perfect but good. These ladies should be treated with the most respect possible. If a lady was told that she would travel far from her home, her family, her safety and security only to be abused, used as a sex toy, held captive and starved, I don’t think there would be many ladies showing interest.

Most men are gentlemen and are just as excited to meet their companion, but as in all things, a few mentally retarded idiots make it difficult for all of us.

Bottom line is that if the lady trust in you, don’t let her down.

I just wanted to write this because I know of several ladies that have come here to America to be with their man and start a life together. One had a horrible experience with a drug using abusive idiot. She is now back home and safe, the drug user somehow went to jail for abuse and selling drugs! The other ladies are doing terrific and both have families started.

Joe S [ID: 53257]