Love stories

Jasper and Irina

Jasper and IrinaWe’re very happy to tell you our wonderful succes story.  
About 6 months ago I’ve met a wonderful women from Siberia on the  Origin site (I’m from Holland), her name is Irina. We started to send  emails and it was clear that we are very much the same. The emails  became closer and closer and it was like we already know each other for  a long time. We decided to call each other to hear our voices. Also
this was a big succes, we talked for many hours and we had wonderful  conversations. We already became very close with each other and we  really started to have feelings for each other. That’s why we decided  to meet each other.
I can’t believe Irina did it but she traveled from Siberia to Holland by bus. It was a trip of five days. The first moment we met was really very wonderful. Maybe the first few minutes everything was a little strange but very soon we felt very relaxed with each other. Irina
stayed in Holland for two weeks and also this two weeks where  wonderful. After this time we really felt that we care about each other very much and we really fall in love.
I can tell many things about what happened after that time but  the most important is that we made the decision to marry. I’ve been  to Novosibirsk and during my visit we married. It was the  most wonderful day of my life. We are very happy together and it
is like we have found our second half. She is really the most  wonderful women for me on this world and as Irina tells me I’m  the most wonderful man for her on this world. It is really a big miracle we’ve met each other…
Now we are busy to get a MVV for Irina and her wonderful son Mark so that we can start our life together in Holland.The picture with this email has been taken at our wedding day.

Jasper and Irina
December 4, 2002