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I wish to give your agency compliment

I want to give you a big compliment for my point of view how your agency differs from other agencies. To me it is rude to receive an invitation letter that ladies did not send. With other agencies, and there are many that do this, the profiles of women revolves round and round similar to a wheel. The man opens the letter, thinking that woman has genuine interest in him, and it was agency that sent introduction letter not the girl. The man writes back thanking her for introduction letter and the woman does not know this man. I have had my profile started at another agency. I did not finish my profile and did not submit photos. I receive 8-10 letters a day from this agency. Also this agency has a sister agency and I receive the same introduction letters from the same women. I read many blogs about complaints men have. I want to give you compliment that your agency does not do this. I have been with your agency for about 6-8 years?? I have never has a complaint or suspicion. I have been happy be a subscriber to your agency. Hopefully there will be better news to share with you in the future. I give you permission to use this letter or any excerpts from this letter.

Thank you, Donnie Mullady
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