Love stories

Anna and Anthony

Anna and AnthonyWe would like to thank the staff of OriginClub company for helping and giving us a chance to find each other….

I have looked for my better half for a long time. At the very beginning I limited my search with European countries. A man from the USA or Australia seemed to be so far!!! I received letters from men but nobody really interested me. As soon as I got a letter from Anthony, I understood he was a very good and decent man! He was waiting for my reply for a long time and he already lost hope but patience is usually rewarded. Because of a big time difference, our letters were delivered a little bit later.

Soon we started to communicate directly and on the phone, Anthony called me every Sunday. Almost half a year later he came and proposed marriage to me in the face of my parents. As soon as he came back home, he applied for my K1 visa. And again this long waiting… It was worth of that. Now we are happily married, we are getting accustomed to each other, to our habits and traditions, anyway we try our best to make every day unforgettable.

We want to wish everyone to be more patient and to make the right choice. We do hope that our love story will be a good example for those who are already tired to be lonely! And please do not limit your search, look for love and not a country of living!

Anna and Anthony