Love stories

Mahlon and Evgeniya

Mahlon and EvgeniyaI met Evgeniya through OriginClub. She represents the woman I have always dreamed of. She is beautiful, feminine, and sexy. She knows how to be a good housewife and her cooking is excellent. She takes care of herself and has a clear lifestyle. Evgeniya (Jenny) and I emailed and had telephone translation services through OriginClub. Their services and attentiveness is the best I have experienced. Jenny and I plan to marry as soon as she can get her K-1 visa.
Mahlon Gillis

Thank you, OriginClub, for having Evgeniya as a client and bringing happiness to both our lives.


I can hardly find the words to express my gratitude to the OriginClub team – my feelings can’t be explained in words. Thank you for your patience, helpfulness and cordiality one feels coming to you. With your aid I met my other half, you helped me to shorten the distance between us and to overcome the months of waiting. In two days we’ll be together and in the evenings, while sitting near the fireplace, we’ll often recall you. We wish you to make millions of your clients happy. Dear ladies and gentlemen, your destiny is in your hands. Good luck to you!
Evgeniya Podgurskaya