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Anastasia and Mitch Rogers

Anastasia and Mitch RogersI originally decided to seek a woman from Russia after becoming disappointed with American women. I know that there are wonderful women in America but the ones I met seemed to not be as dedicated to home and family as I wished. I was raised in a traditional southern family in Georgia, USA. After meeting many women and receiving e-mails and chats sessions I felt like it was necessary to be skeptical! if I really wanted to meet a nice woman.
I came across Nastya’s profile and was immediately attracted to her in a way that went beyond physical. Nastya was not overly eager and did not make unrealistic statements or claim to love me after 3 letters. She was kind and interesting. She never sent me inappropriate photos. She was always classy and tasteful.
The wonderful staff at OriginClub was there for us at every step of this way as from writing letters to consulting. I am sitting in their office of OriginClub obtaining valuable advices on how to bring Nastya to America. I have enjoyed working with all the professionals and we plan to keep them informed of our progress. If you look for a REPUTABLE AGENCY, Origin Club has my personal reference!
Anastasia and Mitch Rogers